After Lockdown

Form: Ivorian Sonnet 41

You ask me what is the first thing I want
After lockdown when there is no saying can’t
When the world is our oyster to explore
When you, my love, and I can dance wild
The fires of lust demanding even more
I want to bring you breakfast in our bed
I want to share time, dinner, and fine wine
Between heated sex and the day ahead
I want those moments so sweet and divine
No more taking for granted the before
The virus locked us down with words unsaid
I want to shout it out that ‘you are mine’
Now my love is proud and I’m confidant
Your kiss is where my lips have always smiled


3 thoughts on “After Lockdown

  1. Breakfast in bed? It would have to be spectacularly indulgent and cooked by someone with an encyclopaedic knowledge of fast food; getting tired of all this over-healthy smashed avocado on rye bread, and it would have to be a hotel in Venice, don’t want to be anywhere within a 500 mile radius of home !

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