It Started with a Kiss

Form: Quatrains

Bound and blindfolded, you are mine,
nothing you can do but feel my lips on skin.
Moist kisses from your eyes to your toes,
claiming all that I own so deep within.
I can see your hunger moisten your love.
Tongue licks to pulsating heat,
Torment and teases, bringing whispered pleases,
not yet, I want to savour my treat.
Nipple rolled between tongue and teeth,
the shudder beneath tells me you enjoy this ride.
Fingers probe and open your heat,
cooling ice chills from very deep inside.
Penetrating deep to the core of mine.
in darkness, intense reactions to every touch.
Each stronger than the one before,
closer to the precipice the next could be too much.
Trailing my tongue to your heat,
I inhale the aroma, and sense your greed.
Ice melted, lapping soft inside,
releasing you to the pleasure you need.
Can you feel my lust within?
Honey lips glisten, now for my desire.
My own precious chalice, mine to sip
juices like wine, sending me ever higher


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