For Love to Blossom

Form: Burns’ Stanza

When the robin visited that day
In guano, he set me out to lay
Unknowing the bird came to play
I laid beneath the sun
My warmth on a cold winter’s day
As birds play I was born
Alone, I shuddered into dirt
My shelter when wind and rain hurt
No mercy for me, just a squirt
Waiting for nature’s call
Alone in the mud with no shirt
Beside the garden wall
I cussed my luck ‘til early spring
First shooting leaves began to sing
Reaching out for the sun to bring
My first buds out for you
Soon I will bloom in colours swing
With bright and vibrant hue
At last my petals open wide
Velvet purple, no need to hide
My flowers shimmer with my pride
As they await your kiss
On summer’s day, my love, confide
Your heart within my bliss


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