No Walkin’ On the Grass

Form: Mirrored 18-Line Sonnet

The sign was clear, 'Do not walk on the grass,'
still on that meadow of green we did play.
You and me in moonlight having a gas,
lost in romance, needing so much to lay.
Torment and teases in a forbidden place,
feelings of guilt, risk of discovery.
My lust rising, removing the thong lace,
secret embrace, no time for recovery.
Evocative recitations of sighs,
obsolete the thoughts of my loving wife,
Finding desire between your grass stained thighs,
enchanted moments of forgetting all strife.
Discretion lost as I fill you with love,
softly cooing echoing a white dove
Stretching tight, the heat surrounding my girth,
intensive reaction to tender grip.
Passions frayed fingers grasping into earth
embracing the sin as my seed lets rip.
Touching surrender to this basic need,
united in one brief tryst to fantasy.
Our bodies akin in deviant deed,
a love filled trip into our ecstasy.
Our madness so completed we now depart
back home to our children, born from our lust.
Romance alive still thriving in my heart
the place I will forever place your trust


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