Biding Time

Form: Epistle

Waiting to have you here, to feel you close to me
waiting to feel your hand in mine, to feel your touch as we walk some place
waiting to feel the warmth of a hug even on a hot summer’s day
waiting for the closeness of a glance of the eye
waiting to taste your lips on mine as words dissipate into emotion
waiting for the caress of skin as we make love in the ways I have dreamed the nights apart
the oneness
the wholeness
the completeness I feel when I am with you
I’m waiting for you, the gentle, tender side of me
waiting to wake up with you next to me, sleeping
waiting to make your morning coffee as your eyes slowly open
waiting for the softly spoken good morning
waiting for my dreaming to end and be the reality
waiting, knowing our love is worth waiting for


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