Seedlings of Thought

Form: Collins Sestet

The briefest thought that planted in my mind
Was only heard when I was left behind,
The shadowed walls of prejudicial hate
Where I was made to suffer while-u-wait;
Yet still I could feel echoes from above
They were telling me to believe in love.
In another time in a distant place,
I'd dance with sublime elegance and grace
To rhythm chanted by passioned romance
Oh, how my feet would long to join the dance
Amid the stars and all the light thereof
I wanted to believe that there is love.
I sought the chance to be me, to be free
I looked throughout the world but couldn’t see,
The light that guides is not found here or there,
Until the heart can see and be aware
The truth within the soul that speaks thereof
Believe or not, it is the path to love.
Now when I look upon the universe
Without old fears or whispering a curse,
I know I'll dance in my own unique way
For love, has found a place in me to play,
From briefest thought I long ago dreamed of
I found my heart believed in precious love


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