Observing Silence

In the early days of my witchy journey I was advised to observe periods of silence, not an easy thing to do when living a modern life and raising kids. From the outset, I learned to adapt to the life I was living, and instead of absolute silence I would keep to essential communication as much as possible – yes, explaining something to a five-year old is essential to them so had to be done. So once a month or so, in between those deep meaningful conversations toddlers insist on having, I would try to use semi-silence to focus my attention on my spiritual connections and thoughts.

Periods of silence are important in witchery, and probably emerged during the Renaissance when any person practicing the old ways was likely to be sentenced to death and/or officially sanctioned torture. It’s not called the dark ages for nothing, is it? In those days, silence was a way of keeping yourself and your family safe.

Silence enables a witch to focus on truth, power, and spirit. These multidirectional and nonlinear aspects of self that cannot be expressed in words or time. Silence allows the practitioner to experience their own truth, their own power, and become one with their own spirit.

For myself, as a witch, silence is a method of preserving my own magical powers. There is a lot to be said about not being able to drink from an empty glass, so preserving and restoring magical and energy is important. Short periods of silence, help me to do that.

Lastly, my times of silence tend to be out in nature, whether it is my back garden, a forest, a mountain, or a river. The sounds, smells, tastes and sights of Mother Nature are so very welcoming it feels like a wonderful hug telling me I am back home, where I belong.

Blessed be
Raven )O(

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