A Thousand Miles of History XXXII: The Chapel in the Grove…

France & Vincent

A ruined chapel stands in a tiny clearing, sheltered and roofed by the trees that cluster close to its walls as if to offer it protection. The walls still guard the interior from view and a single doorway in the northern wall gives entrance. There is a sense of simplicity and peace about the chapel and its glade; centuries of prayer have hallowed the place… and its sanctity may be measured in more than just the hundreds of years that its walls have survived.

The chapel is not large, measuring just twenty-five feet by eighteen, with stone walls two feet thick making the interior considerably more intimate. The stones still stand eight or nine feet high and entering the green-roofed precinct, you leave the world behind. This seems right, for this has been a sacred space for longer than the chapel walls have closed around it, in spite of the…

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13 thoughts on “A Thousand Miles of History XXXII: The Chapel in the Grove…

            1. I’m 20 minutes from Avebury and seriously can’t wait for Covid19 to go away so the village opens up again. We took a walk round the the stones a couple of weeks ago and it is eerily quiet, but the sheep seem to like it that way.


                1. Hopefully they will open up a bit for Lughnasadh and Autumn Equinox. It’s been really strange this last few months not having them open, but met my inner Hedgewitch so I guess that’s good


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