Impulsive Click

Character Background: Benjamin, accountant, wants to do good for goodness sake, impulsive

Benjamin was bored. His life was boring and his job was boring. ‘Being promoted to senior accountant for LazerTech seemed so wonderful just two short years ago’ he mused, ‘now look at me.’ He continued to stare out of the window, not that the window had an interesting view. Bit like his life it was grey, dull buildings containing office workers as bored as he was.

Benjamin wanted to do something different. He wanted to do something different before he was too old. That lunch break he pulled out the magazine while he munched slabs of cheese on white sliced. He flicked quickly to the page that had caught his eye and stared at it.

Six months as a volunteer helping a small community in Africa. ‘It means throwing in a safe job,’ he thought, ‘a safe job of eight hours a day seven days a week doing the same thing repeatedly.’ He clicked the mouse of his computer and found the website. Without thinking he filled in the details required and clicked send. ‘They can only say no.’

Benjamin’s life was going to get interesting.


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