Whistling Tracks

Form: Byronic Sonnet

On those summer days, we used to sit there
The old embankment by the railway line
You and me absorbing the warm sunshine
Waiting for whistling tracks to break the air
‘A train is coming’ they seemed to declare
We’d guess if it would stop or pass on through
The clackety clack would give us the clue
On those summer days, we had no need to care
I sit and listen to a distant train
And I’m there with you when on the slope
Just kids with no idea of life’s pain
And chasing our dreams in futures of hope
I feel my tears cry and wish for the rain
As time misses you, I struggle to cope

For my bro, Nick, 24 July 1970 – 7 January 2020


4 thoughts on “Whistling Tracks

  1. I am so very sorry for your loss. What a heartfelt tribute and memory of your brother. So powerful, vivid and impactful. It is evocative with remembrance and as well solemn.

    Your brother lives on through your words, through this beautiful poem. My heart goes out to you.

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