Avebury the greatest British stone circle

Just found this blog today, when I wasn’t really looking

Avebury is speaking, maybe?


This isn’t my comment, it’s an abbreviation of the words of Rt. Hon. William Ormsby-Gore, M.P., later 4th Baron Harlech, who as First Commissioner of Works in the government of Ramasy MacDonald in the mid 1930’s, appeared in a small 78 page book written by him entitled, Illustrated Regional Guide No.2 – Ancient Monuments -Southern England, published in 1936 by Her Majesty’s Stationary Office.

His exact words on page 16 are,

If Avebury is the greatest, Stonehenge is undoubtedly the most famous of British stone circles.

Two things are fascinating to me. One is that a government minister wrote four of the six volumes, No.1 on Northern England, No.2 on Soutern England, No.3 on East Anglia, and No.5 on North Wales. Methinks, how times have changed. The aim of the series of guides to the Ancient Monuments of Great Britain in the care of the Ministry of Works was…

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