The First Time

Form: Quatrains

Like sex, I will always remember my first kill,
images flash to mind, the hunt, the blade, the thrill.
The addiction started, always I hunger for more,
lust for the surrender, as lifeless bodies fall to the floor.

That first time, unskilled, without talent or finesse.
Mistakes many, now perfected to a murderous tempest.
Techniques of torture, honed to perfection for pleasure,
slow and relentless, releasing them from the hell at leisure.

Blood-crazed and psychotic, a death loving demon,
capturing you, entrapped in your need to release semen.
After its spilt, unwanted seed, I can come alive,
my turn has come, on your demise I will thrive.

Your screams feed me, sating my sadistic need,
but only the finality of your death will fill my greed.
One day my reign of terror will end, it’s a sure bet,
To be continued, don’t sleep, they have not caught me yet

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on


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