The Great Escape #writephoto

Written as an instinctive response to the prompt provided by Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

Living in a large town that never goes quiet the prompt photo speaks to me of a writing retreat I did a couple of years ago.

So as is my want when I write, I put the Celtic music on and let the words play

The Prompt

The Great Escape

Highways thunder
snarl-ups and traffic jams
frustrated aggression blaring horns
my confusion
chaotic state of mind
thoughts unable to think
and words fail me
Poet is lost and alone
gasping for air
fresh air
trapped in cityscapes
endless light
deafening voices but no one speaks
and words fail me
New horizons whisper on grass
guiding footsteps moving forward
out of the box
escaping hustle welcoming thoughts
drifting freely through consciousness
silently echo subconscious witterings
of nothing much
but it is my world
where words never fail me

© JGFarmer 2020

13 thoughts on “The Great Escape #writephoto

  1. Being born a city girl, I can completely relate to this poem. My escape is to the wild places, and although I currently live in a rural area and still occasionally enjoy the buzz of a city… it is the high and wild places that I call home.

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    1. I’m the other way, raised in rural villages until moving to big cities. It really is finding a balance between the two but the Welsh mountains are my heart’s home


      1. A pleasure, are you a Scottish Celt or an Irish Celt, I hail from the Irish side, my dad was a Dublin man .


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