Enclosed Triplet Notes

The Enclosed Triplet format forms the basis of the Sicilian Triplet, Terza Rima, and using the enclosed rhyme as a continuity, the Villanelle and the Terzenelle.
The base form is often written in Iambic tetrameter or pentameter (octosyllabic or decasyllabic) lines. The poet can either use the enclosed line to lead the first line of the next stanza or not, giving a choice of rhyme schema as follows:
aba bcb cdc… etc.
axa bxb cxc… etc.

Feelings by Divena Collins

How would we know if our feelings are low
So low that teardrops stain porcelain faces
When faces are painted a warm loving glow
Which glows through when a lover embraces
If his embraces are few how may we know
Shall love flow when a tender heart races.
How can it be when true love hurts so much
So much it can break in two loving hearts
When hearts may respond to a sensual touch.
For touch prevents them from falling apart
Playing a part of true lovers games as such
To stop love from hurting is a work of art.
It could be that love came much too late
That it was never to be for you and me
For the love we had then was our fate

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