English Sestet Notes

From the popular Sicilian sestet evolved the English variant made popular by William Shakespeare using the rhyme scheme in his sonnets. Strictly speaking the lines should be in Iambic pentameter but many modern poets prefer to use decasyllabic lines.

The rhyme scheme for the English sestet is ababcc dedeff… and so on


Mother Moon by Terry Clitheroe

My mother moon, do you shine as you feel
Do you see the sorrow and feel the pain?
To meet for so short a time and join and love
The subtle agony of lovers being apart again.
Missing each other with the coming of night
Creating in our hearts and souls a blight.
My mother moon, the tender stories told
That our tears are like stones on a beach
Eventually turning to sand and washed away
In time our salted tears will be out of reach.
My mother moon tell me the tears will dry
So perhaps with time the pain will also die

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