Forlorn Whistle

Form: Epistle

I’m awake…. I don’t know why
I am longing to sleep
instead I drift from 2a.m. to 3
then 4
while wondering if I will ever get this
sleeping thing right
no one knows this restless side of me
but I let you in
and that freaks me out at night
alone with my thoughts
and I’m freaking out
my self-made cocoon
my comfort zone
no longer accommodates me
it says I am ready to fly again
but I am afraid
my beautiful wings of love and liberty
will get cut again
now my safe cocoon is gone
A train rattles by in the distance
and I focus on the familiar sound
then it whistles forlornly
in to the night
it sounds like my soul screaming
shouting out without words
no words when everything is said
within a single sound
reminding me I am made of all that is love
including the pain
your crazy-assed poet xxxxx


10 thoughts on “Forlorn Whistle

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, most kind.

      The Epistle is a very liberating form for a poet as you can use, form, meter, poetic device and vary how you do that. The Epistle by definition is a letter so it is more about narrowing your audience to one person or a small group of people so they are written and read a lot more intimately.

      Does that help?


        1. A generalized poem may not be as intimate, free verse or prose may be better for that. However as a poet, you are free to express as you wish and how you wish, that matters more than any meter, form or rhyme.


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