First Date

Sarah was running late that Friday morning. After signing in at the late registration desk she had gone to her locker to dump her stuff. There was the note, same as every Friday over the last few months. Closing the locker door, she headed for class, and opened the blue paper. It read –

Lunch???? Andre XX

Sarah stopped in the corridor. Andre was a nice guy, but she hadn’t acknowledged one of his notes, yet he still tried and the curiosity as to why he would do that was begging to be answered. Initially she had thought it was a prank. What guy would want to date her, a short tubby girl with glasses. Was he just messing about? Had he nothing better to do? Oh, well, there was only one way to find out…

Later, after sharing lunch Andre grabbed his kit for the soccer match. ‘I’ll pick you up at 7, then.’

Sarah nodded, then sat quietly packing up her lunch pack, curiosity replaced with thoughts of what to wear on a movie date.


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