Starting with Z #writephoto

Background: The initial reaction to the image from Sue which can be found here

is that of blissful Zen, twilight, ripples of waves, how much more Zen-like can it get. As the form arrived in my email this morning and starting with Z, Zen seemed to be a good starting point. Then as I was writing this blissful Zen the memories came rushing in of another beach in twilight a few years ago. The muse, I guess, felt they needed writing so I have written them.

Starting with Z

Form: Abecedarium Reversed

Zen in a moment
Yielding in silent tides of destiny
eXistence dissolving into night fall
Waves ripple whispering of changes
Vital changes, the time is now
Understanding, evolving is the only option
Too late to die, failure is no longer a choice
Supernatural voices have spoken
Revealing truth in uncertainty and doubt
Questions no longer need answers
Passing phases don’t last a lifetime
Opinions, why did I need them to hide in
Notions of self-destruction echoing across the wrong breeze
Manning up, me, my time is now
Leaving my tears in the ripples
Killing, they said I was killing her
Justice served to ignorance and bigotry
I am he, she is not dead
He who feels his feet getting wet
Growing into living, into believing
Flowing and going with it
Embracing life and it’s not too late
Dancing, she is dancing with me
Chasing the new
Beginnings she built for me
And I am he as she knew I would be
Zen my sanctuary of peace


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