The Witness

Early evening, and I am cooking dinner. A chicken pie, and a snow of flour remains on the work surface from rolling out pastry. The TV flickers from the corner with yet another smiling, always smiling, model selling something you don’t want but you just got to have it in your life.

I wasn’t paying attention to the glib selling pitch, then it stopped a newsflash blared onto the screen. The image of a woman appeared, a bad passport photo pic, but I knew I had seen her on the bus this morning. It had been hard to ignore her as she was shouting at other passengers.

So, I listened to the voice on the TV. Amanda, was the woman from the bus’s name. She had been found badly beaten in the midmorning, and was now unconscious in Lairn Hospital. Police appealing for witnesses. Anyone who saw Amanda between midnight and 10 am.

Please come forward. Could I tell them anything but she was mouthing off on the bus? Was that even relevant? I wasn’t sure but…

The pie sat ready to bake as I picked up the phone.


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