English Ode Notes

Historically the ode form was brought to England at about the same time as the sonnet and was used by many poets. The English Ode uses a rhyme schema of four-line Sicilian stanza and an Italian sestet.
ababcdecde fgfghijhij… and so on


Ode to Future Past by Divena Collins

Oh warm South wind come blow this day
Take the place of the past winter season
Let the breeze sweep the cobwebs away
Thou hath returned for a seasonal reason
Cast not the spring dust 'neath the mat
Nor to beat them up against the wall
Spring cleaning shall be that of the past
For future technology shall end all that
So soon shall we be able to forget it all
When past times shall ever be outcast.
Lets return to the field of natures glory
Only when the tractors are on the blink
Peace and tranquility is another story
At least we have a time there to think
A time to look at all of natures wonders
Much more serene to relax for a while
Within old charm of earth giving nature
That time itself shall not cast asunder
Thro' meadows of green over the style
Blessed be within a mellowed pasture

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