The Spirit of Seasons

In the world, around us we can sense that the changing seasons bring changes in growth, warmth, and light. It is a simple process, and wholesome in its purity. There are various ways the same simple processes apply to our own lives and the seasons can be metaphorically representative for spiritual growth.

Examples of shared commonality are:

Spiritual and seasonal progression are cyclic. Both are perpetual cycles of change.

The changing seasons and spiritual development are in unfolding process. They are gradual and in line with planetary conditions.

The seasons do not try to be anything but their inherent nature. They realize themselves by being themselves. In the same, we express our greatest spiritual power by being ourselves and true to ourselves. Repressing our natural instincts is unhealthy and often destructive

How we experience the seasons changes. The same is said for spiritual change, we make choices of living in harmony with our world and ourselves or not.

Spiritual Metaphors of the Seasons

Spring – newness, birth, potential, awakening, and freshness.

Summer – fruition, fulfilment, growth, and externalized expression.

Autumn – ripeness. Wisdom, realization, maturity, and reflection.

Winter – silence, release, repose, and internal expression.

Blessings of love and light
Raven )O(

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