Cause and Effect

The Tunstine Gazette, a local evening paper, carried the headlines Another Crash on the New Bypass. The report cited brake failure caused the blue Mercedes to spin out of control causing a 30-minute tail back of traffic. The driver, in hospital, but not considered to be critical.

Fifty miles away Steve was waiting for Dan to get home from a business trip. He had Wagyu steaks sitting at room temperature, waiting to be grilled. An Italian leaf salad freshly prepared waited to be dressed and a bottle of red wine stood breathing. Today was their first wedding anniversary and Steve wanted to show Dan how much being his husband meant.

Steve left a voicemail. ‘Sorry, darling, I’m going to be late. I’m stuck in a twenty-mile jam on the South Tunstine bypass, again.’

Sunday morning TV, and local officials of South Tunstine are being grilled by Mimi Wallace, and she wasn’t taking their rhetoric.

‘Since the bypass opened 6 months ago, there has been 12 accidents at the Whetstone junction – What the people of South Tunstine want to know is what are YOU going to do about it? They want answers, they deserve answers.’

Dan flicked the button on the remote, ‘Damn right, it’s a bloody disaster waiting to happen.’


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