Break Point

Megan Cornecki sat in her bedsit with an electric shaver in her hand the day after watching the annihilation of the crowd of innocent people in the market square. Desperate people but innocent. As her mind was processing the carnage she had witnessed long tresses of blond hair hit the floor one after the other.

It seemed to cling to the pile of stylish clothes, that had been replaced by a rough black canvas, piled on the floor, as if they belonged together. Megan didn’t bother clearing them up, she wouldn’t be coming back. She had enough of this place, the tyranny and murder. She couldn’t pretend it wasn’t happening anymore.

As the daylight faded she left the building for the last time and headed for the rundown part of town and met with Jonah in a shack of a coffee bar.

‘Converted, are you?’ the young shaven youth said. ‘Ready to fight back?’

Megan told him of having to walk home and what she saw the evening before. Jonah listened in silence. ‘I just want to do something, anything?’

Jonah nodded. ‘I think you just have, Meg,’ he said. ‘But first drink your coffee and eat something, we must leave the town tonight, and it’s a long walk.’


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