Chained Sonnet Notes

More of an effect than a set sonnet form the chained sonnet can be used with any sonnet variant the poet chooses. Each line begins with the last word of the preceding line. For a cyclic chained sonnet the last word of the last line should be the first word of the first line.

Structure: As per chosen variant
Meter: As per chosen variant
Schema: As per chosen variant

Example using the Ivorian Sonnet as the sonnet form

Captivation by Jez Farmer

Love, when you hold me my feelings run free
Freely expressing what you mean to me
Me and you entwined in that warm embrace
Embracing our senses once locked inside
Inside and outside we found our own place
Placing our lips to make a tender kiss
Kissing love until our eyes gaze above
Above desire in our ecstatic bliss
Blissful murmurings make sense, well, kind of
Of how this hunger makes us so carefree
Carefree love within our own sensual space
Spacing out as pleasure and want collide
Colliding and falling in love’s abyss
Abyss, on the edge hold me there, my love

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