English Quintain Notes

The popular English Quintain has no set meter with a rhyme scheme
xdxdd… etc.
cdcdd… etc.


The Boatman by Sean Curtis

Do not call the boatman early
We must all wait out our time,
He will not come if it's untimely
He'll leave you waiting out of line
And the future will not be fine
If he comes and takes you early,
Your fated future won't mesh with life.
You will have to take what's given
Moving away from your intended wife
Choosing another to share your strife.
Wandering the empty halls of time
Forever seeking your lost soulmate
Instead of being with a loving partner
There's a different meal on your plate
And learn alone, lessons dealt by Fate.
Your former lover cannot help you
Your times together are dead and gone.
Out of sync with each others time now
Different cards have now been drawn
Leaving two souls weeping all alone

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