The Barbary Apes of Gibraltar – photos

Opher's World

The Barbary apes aren’t apes at all – they are tailless monkeys, Barbary macaques, who originated in the Atlas mountains of Morocco and were probably brought to Gibraltar by the Muslims when they invaded Europe.

I do adore monkeys. I always wanted a pet one but it isn’t very ethical.

These particular monkeys are doing very well. They first prospered because of the myth that the rock would always be British while the apes were there – so the British fed and nurtured them. Now they are a major tourist attraction and get fed and pampered.

Technically they are wild – though because they get fed and looked after, they have no fear of people and are dependent on humans.

They seemed to be enjoying themselves posing for photos.

These Barbary Macaques are the only wild monkeys left in Europe (apart from my grandchildren).

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