Wisdom Highlights

Looking in the mirror I see
nothing special, a face puckered by age
and a body carrying wear and tear
of times gone by but my mind is still sharp
even when I forget what I came in here for
or where I last put my keys
yet still I don’t see an old man looking back at me
just the 30-something with a sarcastic tongue
making no comparisons to those days
as there is nothing left to compare
as I was wasting life in denial
and missing who I should have been
I know the simple things are still in me
whether others care to see or not
my heart can still feel the power of love
it can hurt with joy or grief
my empathic soul is still strong
because I never did tea and sympathy
and as I get older I let the past go
for my inner peace is now my own
conflict and grudges have no place with me
and though I look ugly and old, past my best
the youth inside still exists
and I realise this is my life to live


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