Break Point 2 #writephoto

Notes: From the beautiful #writephoto prompt this week, thank you Sue – find it here, and continuing from Break Point.

This one’s for you, Willow. I have no clue where this will go, thank you for the push to write it.

Break Point 2

It had been a long night of walking and the town seemed a world away. ‘My feet are killing me,’ Megan whispered.

‘I bet they are,’ said her companion, ‘you don’t have to leave your comfortable life, Meg.’

‘Bit late now, Jonah,’ she answered.

‘If you want to go back I will take you back to the town.’

‘I don’t want to go back.’


As they reached the edge of yet another field Jonah suggested a rest. ‘You have been walking hours, Meg.’

‘No, I want to get to the camp.’

‘It’s not that far and the last few miles will be easier by daylight.’

‘But we might be seen.’

‘By whom, a government spy dressed as a sheep?’

‘Are we that far from town?’

‘Yes, and ‘they’ don’t bother coming out to the farm lands. A break for an hour will do us good.’


The pair sat against a crumbling stone wall, looking out across the fading darkness. In the softening sky silhouettes formed on the horizon – hedgerows, sheep, and a few isolated trees. The murmuring bleats of the sheep echoed the snoring from Jonah. ‘Well, you did say you could sleep anywhere,’ Meg thought.

Meg watched the horizon as a sheep nuzzled against her. Slowly the sun broke free of the night to rise behind a tree and in the silence Meg’s thoughts drifted to the new day and her new life.

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