Visions of Beauty

Form: Quatrains

She's rhythmic; swaying, swinging hips gyrate,
Her finger bends - come closer - drawing me,
expose black lace, entice my eyes to fate,
the briefest glimpses tempt my mind to see.
My torment; watching arching flowing curves,
unbowed my passion kindles calcine heat,
each move a sensual loving hors d'oeuvre,
her body tantalizing on bed sheet.
She pulsates; flirting fingers turning tricks,
she’s twisting hardened peaks of desire,
my beauty taunts me with sighing licks,
on pouted lips she sings orgasm’s fire.
My vision: entertained by lust’s dance,
rewarding tastes of honey with kisses,
to watch my pleasure assay to romance,
the temptation of tease reminisces,
Her magnate: the seduction of my soul,
acquiesced lust performed for sapphic need,
angel of moon light yielding her control,
yet holds the power to fulfil my greed


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