Singing da Blues #Writephoto

Background: A gorgeous prompt from Sue this week, find it at Thursday photo prompt: Serenity #writephoto. Thanks Sue. My from is going to reflect the hues of the photo, the Blues Stanza

Singing da Blues

Photo by Sue Vincent

Form: Blues Stanza

From my youth I am haunted by this spot
I was young when I sat in this spot
The wisdom of age I hadn’t got
That day I found a lasting peace
I tried to grasp it, I needed peace
A time for thoughts and fear to cease
I felt nature circle around
The touch of nature all around
Is it enough to just to feel the ground?
Through the years I have returned
A distant voice and I returned
My aching heart often burned
I whispered of love on the breeze
Of the love gone on autumn’s breeze
But here again my heart found its ease
Rippling waves call from the sea
My thoughts cast out to sea
Perhaps love is not meant for me
My soul is kissed by sorrow
My heart is lost to sorrow
Is love out there tomorrow?
Being alone is not so bad
Not loving myself, that is bad
I’ve spent too long being sad
Sweet serenity holds me once more
I dare not ask for any more
But natures kiss on this seashore


21 thoughts on “Singing da Blues #Writephoto

    1. The form comes from the music style of the Blues so yes possibly should be sung, but not be me as I sing like a cat who has had its tail caught in a door LOL


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