The Wheel of the Year – Spring Equinox

19 – 23 March

The fourth sabbat is the Spring Equinox, also known as the Vernal Equinox. It occurs when the sun enters the astrological sign of Aries between March 19 and 23. Aries is the sign of action, movement, and initiation, and these themes infuse the sabbat celebrations of the first day of spring, when day and night are equal.

Although equinox defines equality, the emphasis is the increasing light, the warmer days and the proliferation of nature’s rebirth. The flowers are beginning to bloom, and the birth of young animals and birds can be seen in the wild and on our farms. Spring is the season of budding trees and fragrant blossom.

In Greek mythology Spring Equinox marked the beginning of the new year and it is easy to understand why. The wheel of the year turns at equinox, releasing the world from the icy grip of winter to revel in nature’s freshness, rebirth, joy, energy, and light.

When we think of spring, most of us envision spring symbols made popular by our dominant cultures. Symbolic customs such as decorating eggs, fresh green sprigs, eating eggs, and giving and receiving sweets and candy.

These symbols are commonly associated with monotheistic belief traditions, but their origins can be traced back to pre-monotheistic pagan practices. Even the word Easter is derived from the Scandinavian Spring goddess, Ostara, whose symbol is the cosmic egg. The exchanging of brightly coloured eggs, symbolic of potential and new birth is an ancient pagan tradition.

Eggs symbolise potential. When we colour eggs, we infuse them with the magical vibrations associated with the chosen colours. These magical and spiritual properties include:

Red: Energy, lust, passion, ambition, action, and decision
Pink: Love, friendship, harmony, peace, tenderness, and sentimentality.
Blue: Emotions, flow, psychic awareness, peace, freedom, and tranquillity.
Lavender: Spiritual understanding, awakening, and mastery.
Yellow: Communication, knowledge, the arts, and inspiration.
Gold: Health, wealth, prosperity, and joy.
Brown: Solidity, practicality, work, and clarification.
Green: Prosperity, health, growth, and nurturing.

In love and light
Raven )O(

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