Knave of Hearts

As a child I watched her making dough and rolling it thin. A lightness of touch perfect for making pies and glorious jam tarts. Over the years I have tried to copy her brilliance with pastry and not come anywhere near her perfection. She said it was her cold hands and mine are too warm to the touch, perhaps.

Perhaps my reliance on gadgets is the problem. I can here a tsk as I chop the shortening into the flour in a food processor and pulse it to a fine crumb. Time savers are my lifeline as I fit my cooking into this hectic chaos I call life. My jam tarts tasted just fine but the crust never felt right to the bite.

Just keep practicing, dear, until you get it right. I hear those words haunting my mind every time I pick up a pack of ready made in the store. Maybe, you are right, Nan, I do need to try again. So tonight, I am making jam tarts supervised by my cat.


5 thoughts on “Knave of Hearts

  1. Your Nan was right it is cold hands that are needed, that’s what Mum taught me. I do have cold hands. What you can do next time you make pastry is when you have made the dough wrap it in cling film or grease proof and put it in the fridge for half an hour, it will help.

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  2. Cold butter. A cold surface, if you’ve got one. The coldest water, I usually measure mine & put it in the freezer. I always chill the dough before using it. Cold weather helps too, I find working with pastry dough difficult in the summer months. & you can’t overwork the dough, that’s part of the problem with gadgets. If the dough is overworked, it won’t have the proper texture. This is something you have to really learn by touch, your Nan was so very correct. & of course … it takes practice. Lots of practice. But those are sweet lessons, amirite? Even my mistakes tasted good.


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