Thaxted by Gustav Holst


Gustav Holst
Born: 21 September 1874, Cheltenham, England
Nationality: English
Died: 25 May 1934, London, England

Holst was a composer, arranger, and teacher best known for his orchestral suite The Planets. He composed many other works across a range of genres. The product of many influences his distinctive compositional style is an example of the rising of modern composers in the 20th century

2 thoughts on “Thaxted by Gustav Holst

  1. Gustav Holst is one of my very favorite composers. I loved playing his compositions when I was a girl in school. That entire era of symphonic composition is fabulous; it can be compared to modernism in writing.

    I played trombone & baritone horn. I still have a baritone (actually a euphonium); it needs to be fixed; something I plan to do once I have a vehicle again. Once this COVID thing is over (if it’s ever over), I would like to join a community band & play with some other people.

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    1. Music is one of my first loves, I was a folk guitarist back in the day. I also studied music at school, among the greats was Holst.

      Hoping this Covid thing is over soon but think humanity needed the kick in the butt too


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