Break Point 4: Arrival

Megan Cornecki stood in front of Riley’s messy desk while the older woman’s eyes gave her a disapproving once over or three. Megan was very aware she looked a sight, soaked to the skin and covered in field mud.

‘What is a girl like you doing here?’ said Riley demandingly, ‘You had the world as an open oyster, for god’s sake.’

‘Yeah, whatever, that oyster wasn’t exactly pretty, and the price of the pearl is wrong, just wrong. I want to be part of changing that?’

‘I’m sure you do, Cornecki, but surely you understand your presence here will be difficult.’

‘Yes, I understand that. Jonah and I discussed that for weeks before I joined him.’

‘Cornecki, your father is the president. They will be looking for you.’

‘That’s if he even notices I am gone,’ Megan said. ‘I haven’t seen him once in the three years I have been in Sandon. He refuses my calls, so I stopped calling.’

‘So, this is to get back at him, is it?’

‘No, I am an adult, not a petulant teenager.’ Megan said, ‘I had a good job and a place of my own.’

‘You lived in a bed sit. Your landlord will notice when the rent isn’t paid.’

‘I am the landlord.’

Riley stared at the girl for a moment. ‘You bought a house and turned it into bedsits -why?’

‘Simple, the housing market was beyond the people coming to Sandon for work, it gave a few of them a break.’

‘Yeah, that really doesn’t match with your father’s politics.’

‘I don’t match with my father’s politics,’ Megan retorted. ‘Nor did my mother and he had her silenced.’

‘Well, yes, yes, indeed.’ Riley’s voice was cracking, ‘okay, until the dust settles you can work here with me. I could do with someone who really knows how to do some tech about the place.’

Megan smiled, ‘I guess you know I worked for McWarwick Trescothiks?’

‘Oh yes, quite the city tech kid I hear. Welcome aboard, Cornecki, you got your work cut out with this old tech.’

Megan’s smile grew. ‘Thank you, ummm, what do I call you?’

‘On duty it’s Ma’am and off duty Riley will do. Anyway, it’s getting late and, girl, you need a shower and a decent meal, not that the food here is that decent. Let’s get you to the lodge, you’ll be safe there.’

‘Thank you, Ma’am.’

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