Elfin Stanza Sonnet Notes

Structure: 2 quatrains, a couplet, and a quatrain
Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter
Schema: abba abab ba baba


Where Fairies Play by Jez Farmer

The scented garden where I wait for you
I sit and watch the fairies come to play
And hear them sing their ancient songs of May
Beneath the pretty bells of velvet blue.
My ragged jeans are wet from early dew
The moistness cooling down the springtide ray
And like intoxicating fairy brew
I wait in wonder for the sight of you.
For love alone is blessed on this, our day
By fairy’s wand that casts a golden hue.
In this our garden I will always stay
Within your heart that gives my soul its cue
To say those words here, where the fairies play
In love my heart is yours, forever true

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