Break Point 5: Board and Lodging

It was late when Megan followed Riley into the dimly lit Lodge house that was the senior officers’ accommodation. ‘I’ll show you to your room’ said Riley, ‘ grab a shower and come done to the mess for some food.’

Riley left her standing in the middle of a compact living space. Not overly fancy. An unmade took up one wall. On it was a small pile of sheets and blankets and a pillow. There was no light other than a dim desk lamp. The dull brown curtains were drawn and weren’t to be opened until after dawn, Riley had informed her. A small chair sat by the desk. Some magazines and books had been left on the desk beside an ancient computer that belonged in a museum of technological antiquities. There was a small pile of clothing on the chair. And a door led to her own bathroom.

Best get on with it, thought Megan, as she stripped and entered the shower. She was pleasantly surprised the water was decently warm and not as cold as ice like the ones in the shower block at the enlistment camp. There was also a bar of soap.

She dressed quickly and hurried down to the mess room on the ground floor. Riley was sat at a table with a couple of guys, one she recognised as Macky who had collected her at the bus stop. ‘Over here, Cornecki,’ Macky said as he waved at her.

‘Mack you have met, useless old sod that he is, but my right hand man nonetheless,’ said Riley ‘and this ugly reprobate is Donkey Donaldson, unfortunately you will have to work with him as he thinks he’s a tech op but he doesn’t know a cell phone from a Casio calculator.’

‘Guys this is our recruit, and a vast improvement on seeing you two every day, Cornecki.’

Macky laughed. ‘Better than looking at you across the office too, ma’am.’ Looking at Megan, ‘come on let’s get you fed, the dozy old trout won’t think about showing you the mess ropes.’

A few minutes later Megan was sat at the table devouring a plate of some type of stew, she had been advised not to ask the ingredients, huge chunks of over-cooked potatoes and a beaker of tea. Not the food she was used to before but an improvement of the grey food of the enlistment camp.

Riley got up. ‘I will catch you all tomorrow, Cornecki, meet you here for 6.30 am, Macky, sure she is up, I want her up to speed by the end of the week. Goodnight.’

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