Bird Weekly Round-Up – Week #16

I am not that hot with a camera but know some of my readers are

Our Eyes Open

Please read below as I have made some changes to the upcoming weeks or visit my page.

Week #16 challenge was Short legged birds. Having short legs myself, I can appreciate these birds who have to take short quick steps to get where they need to go on the ground. Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to fly so my short little legs is all I got! We enjoyed a lot of song birds and some fine exotic birds (okay, maybe exotic to me). It’s funny how those in other countries find the birds in North America to be exotic when we think the same of their birds.

There were so many awesome birds this week from Wooly Muses Red rumped Parrot, which I have commented on his red rump a couple of times now, to a Eurasian eagle-owl & Cape Eagle Owl, House Sparrows getting hand fed, Shrikes…

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