Pleasure of the Mind

Form: Free Verse

I heard you sigh softly on the cold air
and I heard you sigh deeper
bracing yourself as the morning light
faded into darkness behind the mask
and I heard you sigh as your skin brushed
against delicate silk knots
trying to guess where my fingers would put the next one
knowing it will be where I need it to be
because me, I like it this way
watching you twist between frustration and pleasure
and you know it will be how I like it
except for covering your eyes
but it is worth it not seeing the flashes of desire
yet I sigh anyway
for the crazy reason that is my own
kneeling between your thighs
my lips brushing up over your belly to claim your mouth
your kiss as mine as I whisper ‘enjoy’
then turn on the soft jazz
and sitting across the room with a book
not too far away
leaving you to the torment of
your imagination


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