Bye Bye Baby

I drove home the long way round, dreading another scene as I walked through door. Jess and I had been married for six hellish months. To be honest our relationship had been going wrong for the last year and a half, but we had thought marriage would solve our problems. It hadn’t.

After parking up I opened the front door, the house was dark. I guessed Jess had gone out for the evening and I sighed with relief. I flicked the light on in the lounge, and my sigh turned to shock. Everything except a chair and my TV had gone. It didn’t take long to go through the house to see Jess and done a bunk and stripped as much as she could from the house.

A note pinned to a kitchen cupboard confirmed that she had moved out and was going to live with her boyfriend. It confirmed her cheating too. I wasn’t upset about her going but I was angry she had taken so much. I made a note to contact my lawyers in the morning.

I went into the lounge with a coffee, and then I saw it. Jess’ credit card left casually on the windowsill. Well now, I don’t suppose her uncharitable nature will understand why her credit card made random donations to charities she was so forcefully against. A small amount compared to the value of my property she had taken, and I am sure the animals would appreciate the money.


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