Shattered Chains

Form: Free Verse

Gaga sings I was born this way
but I was not born to be someone’s perfection
with my mind infiltrated
and my thoughts indoctrinated
so that I know I am hated
because in am untrue to truth
just something to be tossed
and turned in the flames of spite
and still inside the battle rages
to be true to their truth – or –
do what I know to be right
torn between outdated thinking
and the changing world of diversity
so what if I am an angel fallen from grace
a virtuous soul with a taste for sin
I will still ‘man-up’ while
lifting my chin with a grin
as I cannot explain the pain
the same old words have left inside
inside, where the chaos churns on
until I can no longer hold it in
and the chains of fear shatter
releasing me to take my own place
to create my own grace
as I stand here a man
and, if I must, I stand here alone


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