The Wheel of the Year – Lughnasadh

1 August

On the eve of 1 August the first harvest festival of the year is celebrated. Lughnasadh, the feast if the Celtic god Lugh, is also known as Lammas, derived from ’loaf-mass’, an ancient celebration of the first loaves of bread made from the first grains of the harvest. The sabbat marks the commencement of the harvest season. The god Lugh is skilled in arts and magic, and Lughnasadh is the tide of natural magic of the earth, the mother, providing fruit, grains and vegetables for our sustenance.

The main theme of sacrifice is important at Lughnasadh as it represents the sacred sacrifice of the horned god as he manifests himself through grain to sustain our lives. For humans, sacrifice involves giving of ourselves for the sake of others and reflects on the sacrifice of our food to become part of our bodies, and our energy.

The basic fact of all existence is life feeds on life. It is no great surprise then, that since the beginning of time the human being has struggled in the reconciliation of human awareness with the sacred mystery of life feeding itself of life. Life is sustained by the killing and eating of other life. Be it animals or vegetables, there is no other way.

The divine view embraces the mystical sacrifice of existence and sacrifice inherent in life. There are no distinctions between life and death, strength and weakness, light and dark, here and there. Life is one functioning whole.

Lughnasadh awakens our sense of living consciously, to adopt an awareness of the wholeness of life as we conduct our everyday living. By accepting and respecting that we owe our lives to the sacrifice of plants and animals we open our consciousness to an enduring sense of thankfulness.

In love and light
Raven )O(

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