So Be It

When the end of civilization as we know it happened, it wasn’t like everyone thought it would be. There was no great rapture of the holy, there was no huge explosion to wipe out the existence of life.

In a nutshell, nothing spectacular happened at all. Humanity thought it would just carry on as it was, the privileged ignorance of so-called intelligent life. Of course, it was that which made it ripe for extinction, extermination being the only solution to the problem – the problem being humans.

A cull was long overdue. The human population had grown out of control for too long. The natural disasters we threw at them no longer made a slight dent in their numbers. It needed something else.

So we sat making plans, as gods do. We sent out warning signs that the destruction of life was coming. Climate change they called it and made puny efforts to reduce the damage they were doing, apart from that they didn’t listen. Nothing had worked, they were just too dumb in their own wisdom to listen, too full of greed to care.

‘So be it,’ said Neptune, chairing the meeting of gods, ‘We are left we no other choice.’

So it was decreed in that human year of 2020, the virus would begin to slowly wipe out the scourge of the world – humans.


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