The Wheel of the Year – Autumn Equinox

19-23 September

When the sun enters into Libra, and officially marks the beginning of Autumn, day and night, light and dark, are in a state of equilibrium. The astrological symbol for Libra is the scales, depicting a state of perfect balance. The Autumnal Equinox marks the beginning of shorter days and longer nights. The Autumn is a season of that hangs between worlds, it is nether day nor night, neither light nor dark. Autumn occurs between a season of bounty and that of coming season of stark barrenness.

The sabbat celebration, also known as Mabon, lies between these two extremes, and the spirit is highly active. The Autumn Equinox is a psychic tide of magical power and centres on the mysteries of the final harvest. The arrival of Autumn marks the end of the harvesting season and the air begins to take on a chill. The change of temperature and light brings the rich, warm colours in the trees, iridescent red, leathery brown, and opulent gold; the outward sign s that the energies of the trees are moving inward a they draw up the sap that fortified the branches.

At the time of Mabon Pagans also refocus their energies directing them to the inner processes of reflection and assessment. It is not a time for start new projects., instead we explore our internalized ideas, views, paradigms that shape our life experiences. It discovers what makes us tick. Our motivations, and the things that deter us.

Autumn is also symbolic of the twilight years of our own lives. The human journey to maturity, knowledge, cunning, and wisdom. The connection to reaping the harvest is associated to the regard of our life circumstances and the ways in which we have contributed to our own conditions, good or bad. It can be a difficult task to undertake when our lives may not be measuring up to our expectations. Whilst we may not desire to face our own contribution to the undesirable, assigning blame elsewhere is tempting and far easier than facing our own failings. Yet facing our mistakes often provides the wisdom and spiritual clarity that we need.

In love and light
Raven )O(

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