A Bit Magical and All That

Form: Epistle

My dearest, are you the magical cat, the tigress that casts her spells over me with a growling purr that caresses my heart whilst purring over my body. I can see you dreaming in your cosy spot, yet my eyes aren’t open, my mind barely awake yet I am not asleep. I can feel you.

Surely, my love, surely, with a desire as strong as this, in our minds, un our bodies, in our souls Fate has not been unkind this world. Desire to make each other happy. Desire to make each other complete. Desire, the sweet desire, to love. Fate has not been unkind in her cruel torment. For the torment between us is exquisite pleasure.

Our love is not only the flames of passion when I seek to take all that is hidden in you whilst giving you my everything, when kisses recreate the burning shrine of the clouds on the mountain tops resembling the kingdoms of the gods. It is the spiritual passion that flows like a gentle river and is as tumultuous as a cascading waterfall cresting a cliff edge.

Oh my darling Tigress your Raven bird longs for you to join him in his flight, but to fly his wings need you in their mantle. You know how it works, a Raven’s magic and the spells of the Tigress combine to create the power of love. And on that, my lover, I say goodnight!


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