Tom was ready. Ready to make his own life. He was fed up. Fed up of waiting for the bus in the pissing rain for one thing. Fed up with his dad and his boyfriend. Since Gav had moved in and taken over every room in the house it wasn’t home anymore.

Tom opened the front door and went up to his room. As usual his stuff and been rearranged. ‘Fen Shui’ bullshit. Tom went to go downstairs –‘Bollocks,’ he thought. ‘That’s it!’ The next day Tom called in sick to work and looked for a room to rent nearer to work. That afternoon he went to view a bedsit. By the end of the week the paperwork was signed, and it was his. He collected the keys in a week.

Tom booked a few days off work. His dad just yelled at him for taking time off for nothing. Tom said nothing and packed his kit. On Wednesday Rob would be round with a van and he would be gone.

So it was Wednesday evening he and Rob sat in the bedsit eating a takeaway. ‘You really think this is a good idea, mate’ said Rob. ‘This is smaller than your bedroom at your house.’

‘It’s a start.’

‘I guess.’

Tom looked about the place after Rob had left. His mate was right. It was a tiny space, but he was left to his own devices without his dad or Gav getting on his case. The next day he went back to work, walking the ten minute distance. It wasn’t raining but still better than hanging around the bus stop. he felt the buzz of his phone in his pocket. A text from his dad. ‘Having a childish tantrum, are we?’

Tom deleted the text. Screw it, he’d made the right decision.


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