The Elements – Air

In the symbolic language of a magical practice, air represents communication. Practically, without air we would be unable to produce sound from our throats and therefore we would be unable to speak. Air is also seen as the breath of life and many witches and Pagans believe life begins with the first breath.

In the old days, the ancestors believed air to be an invisible realm supporting the visible. There is echoes of that idea throughout ancient and modern magical practices. Air is deeply connected to the spirit world; indeed, ancient occult lore states spirits move invisibly through the air, with the howling wind signifying spiritual voices.

Symbolically air connects our past with our present. The air that gave life to our ancestors is the very same air that gives us our life now. It connects us with all living, breathing things. We live within it and are dependent on it for our lives. Air is the force that binds us together.

Alchemical Sign of Air

Correspondences for Air

Governs: thought, mental acuity, the arts, communication, verbal expression, knowledge, television, film, radio, writing, speaking, performing, analysis, and learning.

Magical tool: the wand

Colours: Yellow, white and pastels

Elemental beings: fairies

Tarot suit: the wands

Magical stone: quartz crystal

Outward expression: the power to know

Inward expression: the power to wonder

In love and light
Raven )O(

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