Break Point 6: Ham and Cheese

It had been a week or so since Megan and began working with Riley. Riley had been right, most of the technology she had to work with would be better served in a museum. She had even got used to the argumentative banter between Riley and Macky.

Riley was a strong and independent woman and Megan was beginning to admire her. She had a long history of military service until Cornecki had become president and all female military personnel had been discharged. Megan wasn’t bothered when Riley referred to her father as a misogynistic piece of shit, in fact she totally agreed with her senior officer. Riley had apologised a couple of times to a ‘meh, it’s bloody true, innit’ from Megan.

Today she was having lunch with Riley so they could chat. Megan didn’t know whether to feel nervous or honoured. Maybe a bit of both would be appropriate. She would know in half an hour anyway.

Megan finished up the decoding she was working on as Riley stuck her head round the door. ‘Well, kid, are you about ready for a fake ham sandwich or a cheese and tomato cardboard roll?’ Megan laughed, the food wasn’t quite that bad, but it was hardly Michelin star stuff either.

‘I can barely contain my excitement’ said Megan as she joined the older woman on the short walk to the refectory.

‘At least in tech Ops we get a decent meal in the mess at night,’ said Riley, ‘according to Macky the food is grim on the training camp.’

‘Surely they have catering personnel like we do?’

‘They should! How the hell they think they can get a fight-ready squad without feeding them right is beyond me. And raise it with command all they will say is ‘it’s for best, they need to be lean and mean’ which, of course is total bloody hogwash. Kids like you are here because they want change, they are determined to make change happen and kick that bastard Cornecki in the balls. – sorry, I know he’s your pops, Meg.’

‘Seriously, ma’am, I know my father is an utter bastard, you don’t need to apologise and I’d rather you didn’t. Personally I want to be the one kicking him in the balls, but I’d much prefer putting a bullet in the back of his head like he did to my mother.’

Riley softened a little. ‘If its within my power I will help you do that.’ If her sources were correct the stories she was hearing about young Megan Cornecki, daughter of the current president, were true the younger woman’s anguish and anger for revenge were justified.

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