Irish Sonnet Notes

Structure: Quatrains
Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter
Rhyme: abab bcbc cdcd dd


Feeling of Love by Terry Clitheroe

The feeling never leaves when you love someone
It's with you for eternity when your soul is shared
The parting of a lifetime when your love is gone.
Her spirit looking at you, knowing that you cared
That you'll never meet again is nothing to be feared
Sob gently over her, your tears constantly flowing
Her spirits touch, a spirits kiss, now feel assured
She'll help you meet your fears, you feel her guiding
With each passing day as love is only growing.
It keeps her by your side through passing years
Knowing deeply in her heart that you are loving.
With each passing day, know love will be ever yours
If being together is part of the greater beings cheers
Then we'll be united forever, without any fears

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