The Elements – Fire

The physical element of fire broadly represents energy and symbolizes warmth, strength, passion, and action. Fire is the energy of life within our bodies, the life-force possessed by each of us. Active and dynamic, it is a masculine energy. It is the first element that emerges from pure spirit and is the purest elemental form, following spirit.

Fire has always had ancient and sacred connotations and is also the oldest symbolization of deity. It has always been a part of magical practices and is found even within mainstream religious practices. In witchcraft it represents a higher source or presence of the divine in a physical form.

Fire is a basic element of life. Without warmth and light life could not and would not exist. It also has a transformative quality as when we apply fire to other substances they change and are never the same again. Fire releases the energy, warmth, and light that is lying latent in objects. Likewise that is within us is transformative. It moves us, and like the great mother, anything we touch is changed forever.

Alchemical Symbol of Fire

Correspondences of Fire

Fire governs action, movement, passion, anger, strength, sexuality, achievement, power, mastery , and transformation.

Magical tool: the athame

Colours: red, orange, and gold.

Fragrances: basil, clove, cinnamon, and rosemary

Tarot card suit: the swords

Magical stone: fire opal and iron

Outward expression – the power of will: mastery, exercising individual will, movement

Inward expression – the power of surrender, opening the self to universal will, group achievement.

Blessings in love and light
Raven )O(

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