Summer’s Rain

Form: Sapphic Stanzas

A love found in nature’s glory,
A passion freed me from the pain,
The kiss that started our story
In summer’s rain.
Shelter in the trees’ green cascade,
A warm embrace the waters drain,
As we embarked on love’s crusade,
In summer’s rain.
The damsel in me has a need,
For the knight in you that is plain,
The tender lips that are my feed
In summer’s rain.
Saved from the cloud burst by your touch
Lovers unite in country lane
The tenderness I need so much,
In summer’s rain.
The fingers in my moist hands fall
The loving shoulders take the strain
Our pairing for love stands for all
The summers’ reign.
Pearls of dew that taste so sweet,
Forming like new tears on a chain,
Freshness of senses in the heat
In summer’s rain.
In storms we play hide and go seek
The claps of thunder will lay slain
By the power of love that speaks
In summer’s rain.
All through the days of sun we wait
For the first flash in windows pane,
Reach for the peaks of desire’s fate
In summer’s rain.
From you, my love, I never part,
My eternity, you remain,
Forever reigning in my heart
And summer’s rain


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